We are a family-owned and operated business located in the heart of Las Vegas. We employ an honest and trustworthy crew that can install crown moulding or baseboards in your home within two weeks of your estimate. Through a well-planned chain of command, most residential jobs can be completed in just one day, with no deposit necessary, because we are confident and committed to the work we do.


How It Works

When We Arrive:

  • Our employees will arrive on time as promised.
  • All of our crew will be dressed professionally and in uniform.
  • We will place drop cloths to protect your flooring.
  • Our installation experts have been with us for many years.

When the Job is Complete:

  • Our construction area (your driveway) will be swept and clean of our debris.
  • Your installation options range from cutting and installing to fully prepping, painting, and completing the job 100%.

About Us

Keith and Julie Lujan can increase the value of your home in a day. They are the owners of Las Vegas Crown Moulding, which offers the highest quality and craftsmanship crown moulding, base boards, paint grade and stain grade material, casing and drop down crown moulding with lighting.

The Lujans had just purchased a home that did not have the prestigious crown moulding finish they wished for. Keith was naturally talented at woodworking through years of being in construction and bought a book to learn how to install crown moulding by himself. The work he did on his house was astonishing. Soon friends and neighbors were asking for his help to install crown moulding in their homes.

Keith was working days doing construction and nights building his reputation as an expert in crown moulding. Demand for his work was so high that he was only sleeping a couple of hours a night.

Keith was spending so much of his time installing crown moulding that the Lujans contemplated opening their own business. They were nervous, but confident in their ability to be the best crown moulding company in town and decided to take a risk. They maxed out their credit cards, obtained their contractors license and left their jobs to open Las Vegas Crown Moulding. A year and a half later their gamble paid off and they are known as the most prestigious crown moulding company in Las Vegas for the past 10 years!

”We want people to know you get what you pay for. The quality of our work out weighs the cost involved,” says Keith and Julie. Las Vegas Crown Moulding is now in its second year of business and has more that doubled its clientele.

Market research in the real estate industry shows that installing crown moulding can add thousands of dollars to the value of a home. Furthermore, the aesthetics of the upgrade can also help to sell the home faster. To increase the value of your home and get the best craftsmanship and quality crown moulding in town, the company to choose is Las Vegas Crown Moulding.


Las Vegas Crown Moulding Team


Las Vegas Crown Moulding Team


Las Vegas Crown Moulding, LLC

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